If you’ve been charged with failing to provide a specimen, you’ll be facing the prospect of going to court. You might be thinking of pleading guilty, or you might be wondering if there’s any way to pose a defence. Either way, it’s vital for you to get professional advice and consider all your options.

The penalty for failing to provide can range from ten points on your licence to a prison sentence. It depends on the circumstances of the offence and on how intoxicated you were. If you’re convicted, it can often mean:

Serving a custodial sentenceLosing your licence for a minimum of 12 monthsGetting a criminal recordHigher insurance premiumsBeing branded a ‘high risk offender’Needing a DVLA medical before you can get your licence backPossible VISA and travel restrictionsHaving to go on the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course

Remember that pleading guilty isn’t your only option. Depending on the circumstances, you could have several ways to pose a defence.